Computer Requirements

Be prepared for success in your studies. To fully participate in eLearning you need:

System Information:

The following computer system checks will advise if your computer meets the minimum requirements for on-line courses. This is only meant as a guide to increase compatibility and does not imply that you cannot access your Moodle course without them.


Useful Links:

Internet Speed

Check the speed of your Internet connection. Moodle can be used at a minimal level even the lowest speeds. Faster connections allow use of Video and Digital Media.

Rich Learning Environment

Check your score and compare the best web browsers for online learning, Google Chrome is the recommended default browser Free Download

Moodle Courses include text, video and voice. The following table provides a guide to the most commonly used file formats and links to download free software players required to play these files.


Common file types with link to download a player

Reading Materialsdocs



Video, Music and Voice Filesmusic



Compressed Files





Technical Support Requests:

If you have trouble accessing any course materials please contact the North Coast TAFE Service Desk. The following technical details about your computer system may assist them in finding a solution.

Phone: 1800 888 233
Fax: (02) 6588 2255

Please include “Online” in the subject field of all email and fax correspondence.

32/64 bit browser: