BSBRES404 Research legal information using primary sources (TR)Self enrolment
BSBLEG413 Identify and apply the legal framework (TR)Self enrolment
BSBCOM406 Conduct work within a compliance framework (TR)Self enrolment
BSBLEG513 Apply legal principles in corporations law matters (TR) Self enrolment
BSBLEG515 Apply legal principles in wills and probate matters (TR)Self enrolment
BSBLEG512 Apply legal principles in property law matters (TR) Self enrolment
BSBLEG511 Apply principles in criminal law (TR)Self enrolment
BSBLEG414 Establish and maintain a file in legal services (TR)Self enrolment
BSBLEG305 Use legal terminology in order to carry out tasks (TR) Self enrolmentInformation
BSBCOM501 Identify and interpret compliance requirements (TR)Self enrolment
BSBCMM402 Implement effective communication strategies (TR)Self enrolmentInformation
BSBLEG418 Prepare and produce complex legal documents (TR) Self enrolmentInformation
BSBLEG416 Apply principles of the law of torts (TR) Self enrolmentInformation
BSBLEG415 Apply the principles of contract law (TR)Self enrolmentInformation
BSBLEG417 Apply the principles of Evidence Law (TR) Self enrolmentInformation
BSBLED503 Maintain and enhance professional practice (TR)Self enrolment
BSBLEG510 Apply legal principles in family law matters (TR) Self enrolment
BSBRES502 Research legal information using secondary sources (TR)Self enrolment