10697 Certificate II Skills for Work and Training - Stage 2Self enrolmentInformation
10697_CertII_Skills for Work and Training_Stage 1Self enrolment
BOS51556_Skills for Work and TrainingInformation
NSWTCOM102B Communicate orally with others about routine matters (SWAT)Self enrolment
NSWTCOM207B - Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills (SWaT)Self enrolment
NSWTCOM208B - Organise and complete a job application and interview (SWaT)Self enrolmentInformation
NSWTCOM209B - Conduct a simple project (SWaT)Self enrolmentInformation
NSWTLRN201B - 'Develop and implement a plan for your education and employmentSelf enrolment
NSWTNMY115B Use a basic calculator (SWAT)
NSWTNMY205A Use calculations in routine contexts (SWAT)Self enrolment
NSWTNMY206A Use measurement in routine contexts (SWAT)Self enrolment
NSWTPLG201B Source and organise information for a purpose (SWAT)Information
NSWTPLG203B - Identify work placement opportunities in the industry and community (SWaT)Self enrolmentInformation
NSWTPSS201B_Maintain personal safety and security (SWaT)Self enrolment
NSWTRDG201B_Read and respond to routine texts (SWaT) Self enrolment
NSWTSFM203B Evaluate work experience (SWAT)
NSWTSFM208B_Identify strategies to build self-esteem and personal effectiveness_SWaT-OnlineSelf enrolment
NSWTSUS203B - Investigate community action to contribute to sustainability (SWaT)Self enrolment
NSWTTCH203B Use emerging technology to search and apply for a job (SWAT)
NSWTWTG201B Write routine related texts (SWAT)Guest accessSelf enrolment