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ICTNWK535 - Install an enterprise virtual computing environment (TR0)
ICTNWK534 - Monitor and troubleshoot virtual computing environments (TR0)
ICTNWK533 - Configure and manage advanced virtual computing environments (TR0)
ICANWK531A Configure an internet gateway_CC
ICAICT417A Identify, evaluate and apply current industry-specific technologies to meet industry standards_CC
ICAICT408A Create technical documentation_CC
ICAICT418A Contribute to copyright ethics and privacy in an IT environment_CC
ICAICT401A Determine and confirm client business requirements_CC
ICAPMG401A Support small scale IT projects_CC
ICANWK5016A Determine Best-fit Topology for a LAN (PM0)
CUFPOS201A Perform basic vision and sound editing
CUFDIG303A Produce and prepare photo images
ICAICT204A Operate a digital media technology package
CUFDIG201A Maintain interactive content
ICAWEB201A Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement
ICAICT202A Work and communicate effectively in an IT environment
ICASAS209A Connect and use a home based local wireless network
ICASAS206A Detect and protect from spam and destructive software
ICASAS203A Connect hardware peripherals
ICAICT206A Install software applications