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LMTGN2009B Operate computing technology in TCF workplace URLSelf enrolment
MSTCL3002 - Prepare and produce a complex whole garment from specifications_TFSelf enrolment
MSTFD3003 Prepare design concept for a simple garment_TFSelf enrolment
MSTFD3004 Draw a trade drawing for fashion designSelf enrolment
MSTGN3002 Organise & plan own work to achieve planned outcomes_TFSelf enrolment
MSTCL3010 Sew woven & stretch knit garmentsSelf enrolment
MSTCL3001 Identify fabric performance & handling requirementsSelf enrolment
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices_TFSelf enrolment
LMTGN2003B Work in the textile, clothing & footwear industry_TFSelf enrolment
LMTGN2002B Applied quality standards_TFSelf enrolment
MSMWHS200 Work Safely_TFSelf enrolment
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices _PM1Self enrolment
MSTGN2003 Work in the textile, clothing & footwear industry_PM1Self enrolment
MSS402051 Applied quality standards
MSTFD2001 Design & produce a simple garment_PM1Information
MSTCL2010 Modify patterns to create basic styles_PM1
MSTFD2005 Identify design process for fashion design_PM1
MSTCL2011 Draw & interpret a basic sketch_PM1Self enrolment
MSTCL2019 Sew components - complex tasks
MSTFD2006 Use a sewing machine for fashion design