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SFIAQUA102B - Carry out basic aquaculture activitiesSelf enrolmentInformation
SFIPROC102B - Clean work areaSelf enrolmentInformation
SFIAQUA215B - Carry out on farm post harvest activitiesSelf enrolmentInformation
SFIAQUA209C - Manipulate stock culture environmentSelf enrolmentInformation
BSBSUS201A Participate in sustainable work practicesSelf enrolment
SFIAQUA205C Feed stock copy 1Information
SFIAQUA206C Handle stockInformation
SFIAQUA221A Control predators and pestsInformation
SFIFISH209C Maintain the temperature of seafoodSelf enrolmentInformation
SFIAQUA217B Maintain stock culture, holding and other farm structuresSelf enrolment
SFI30111 Work placement kitSelf enrolment
Underpinning knowledge - Aquaculture biologySelf enrolment
SIRXMER303 Coordinate merchandise presentationSelf enrolmentInformation
SFIAQUA315A Oversee emergency procedures for on-land operationsSelf enrolmentInformation
SFIAQUA309C Oversee harvest & post-harvest activitiesSelf enrolmentInformation
SFIAQUA216B Harvest cultured or held stockSelf enrolmentInformation
SFICORE101C Basic food handling and safety practicesSelf enrolmentInformation
SFIAQUA316A Oversee the control of predators & pestsInformation
SFIAQUA213C Monitor stock and environmental conditionsSelf enrolmentInformation
SFICORE103C Communicate in the seafood industrySelf enrolmentInformation