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AHCFAU301A Respond to wildlife emergencies _TY
RIISTD201D Read and Interpret maps_TY
AHCNAR503A Design a natural area restoration project (TY0)
AHCILM502 Develop conservation strategies for cultural resources
AHCPCM502 Collect and classify plants
AHCNAR402 Plan the implementation of revegetation works
AHCWHS401 Maintain work health and safety processesSelf enrolment
AHCPCM401 Recommend plants & cultural practices
CLM Combined Forums
AHCPMG413 Define the Pest Problem in a Local Area
AHCLPW405 Monitor Biodiversity
AHCPMG412 Develop a pest management plan
AHCSAW502 Plan erosion and sediment control measures
AHCCCF402 Report on Project
FWPFGM3201 Manage Seed Collection
AHCNAR401 Supervise Natural Area Restoration Works
AHCSAW503 Plan Conservation Earthworks
AHCFAU501 Manage Fauna Populations
AHCFIR501 Manage Wildfire Hazard Reduction Programs
AHCNAR505 Plan River Restoration Works