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TLIP2029 - Prepare and process financial documents (GR)Self enrolment
FNSBKG401 - Develop and implement policies and procedures relevant to bookkeeping activities (GR)Self enrolment
BSBITU305 - Conduct Online Transactions (GR)Self enrolment
BSBWOR404 - Develop work priorities (GR)Self enrolment
BSBITA401 - Design Databases (GR)Self enrolment
BSBWRT401 Write Complex Documents (GR)Self enrolment
BSBCUS401 - Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies (GR)Self enrolment
BSBADM407 - Administer Projects (GR)Self enrolment
BSBWOR202 - Organise and complete daily work activities (GR)Self enrolment
BSBITU203 - Communicate electronically (GR)Self enrolment
BSBINN201 - Contribute to workplace innovation (GR)Self enrolment
FNSINC401 - Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry (GR)Self enrolment
FNSBKG405 - Establish and maintain a payroll system (GR)Self enrolment
FNSBKG404 - Carry out business activity and instalment activity statement tasks (GR)Self enrolment
FNSACC507 - Provide management accounting information (GR)Self enrolment
FNSACC506 - Implement and maintain internal control procedures (GR)Self enrolment
FNSACC504 - Prepare financial reports for corporate entities (GR)Self enrolment
FNSACC503 - Manage budgets and forecasts (GR)Self enrolment
FNSACC501 - Provide financial and business performance information (GR)Self enrolment
FNSACC404 - Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities (GR)Self enrolment