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HLTPAT003 - Perform capillary blood collections (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTAHW034 – Provide healthy lifestyle programs and advice (ALC)Self enrolment
CHCCCS002 - Assist with movement (AHLS)Self enrolment
BSBMED302 Prepare and process medical accounts (AHLS) Self enrolment
BSBINM202 Handle mail (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTHPS005 Handle medical specimens (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTHPS003 Maintain medication stocks (AHLS) Self enrolment
HLTHPS002 Support health professional in the delivery of care (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTHPS001 Take clinical measurements (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTCAR001 Perform electrocardiography (ECG) (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTAID008 Manage first aid services and resources (AHLS)Self enrolment
BSBMED303 Maintain patient records (AHLS)Self enrolment
BSBINM401 Implement workplace information system (AHLS)Self enrolment
BSBADM307 Organise schedules (AHLS) Self enrolment
HLTPAT006 - Receive, prepare and dispatch pathology specimens (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTINF003 - Implement and monitor infection prevention and control policies and procedures (AHLS)Self enrolment
CHCCCS020 - Respond effectively to behaviours of concern (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTDEN011 - Implement an oral health promotion program (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTDEN010 - Implement an oral hygiene program for older people (AHLS)Self enrolment
HLTDEN004 - Implement an individualised oral hygiene program (AHLS)Self enrolment