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Apply basic automotive troubleshooting processesSelf enrolment
Apply Safe Working PracticesSelf enrolment
AUR30713 Cert III Outdoor Power Equipment Technology Year 3 HomeSelf enrolment
AURACA2001 Establish Relationships with CustomersSelf enrolmentInformation
AUR30713 Cert III Outdoor Power Equipment Technology Year 2 HomeSelf enrolment
AURAEA2002 Apply Environmental Regulations and Best Practice in a Workplace or BusinessSelf enrolmentInformation
AUR30716 Cert III Outdoor Power Equipment Technology Year 1 HomeSelf enrolment
AURAFA2001 Use Numbers in the WorkplaceSelf enrolmentInformation
AURAFA2003 Communicate Effectively in the WorkplaceSelf enrolmentInformation
AURAFA2004 Solve routine problems in an automotive workplaceSelf enrolment
AURAMA3004 Maintain business imageSelf enrolment
AURASA2002 Apply Safe Working Practices (Auto Sales)Self enrolmentInformation
AURETR3025 Test, charge and replace batteriesSelf enrolmentInformation
AURSAA2001 Process customer complaints
AURSBA2001 & SIRXINV001A Warehouse Procedures and Stock ControlSelf enrolmentInformation
AURSBA3002 & AURSCA2001 Identify, Select and Interpret Automotive Parts and ProductsSelf enrolmentInformation
AURSCA2004 Carry Out Cash and/or Credit/Funds Transfer TransactionsSelf enrolmentInformation
AURSCA2005 Sell Product/sSelf enrolmentInformation
AURSCA2006 Promote products and services
AURSLA2001 Apply Legal Requirements Relating to Product SalesSelf enrolmentInformation